Fire Safety in the Home

Thankfully relatively few people have been involved in a fire, sadly for some, their first introduction to fire is often their last.


Fire Warden Training

Legal Responsibilities, Investigation tecniques, Understand the procedures when evacuating a premise and more.


First Aid Training

The Human Anatomy, the skills to “Triage” a scene, render life saving techniques and promote recovery should all be essential life skills.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, servicing and installation in Greater Manchester.


Bonfire/Firework Safety

A hard hitting presentation in the weeks leading up to any Religious Festivals where Bonfires /Fireworks are to be used.


Fire Risk Assessment

Over 70% of businesses involved in major fires either don't re-open or fail in the first 3 years!


Fire Warden Training

In April 2007 around 150 firefighters and 35 fire engines were called to a large retail store in the centre of London.
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The cause of the fire is still unknown but an investigation found that, three months earlier, a fire risk assessment had been prepared by an employee who was not responsible for fire safety. The failure of that assessment led to confusion on the evening of the fire. More on Fire Warden Training...

At a court hearing the store was fined a total of £400,000 for failing to carry out a suitable risk assessment and to providing employees with adequate safety training. A later appeal, against the size of the penalty, was dismissed. Manchester Safety Training can make sure you don’t make a similar mistake by providing Fire Warden Training.

Workshops on Fire Warden Training, for large and small groups, use PowerPoint presentations, video footage and photographs to highlight risks, hazards and causes of workplace fires and show employees how to identify and reduce or eliminate them.

We use 30 years of Fire Warden Training experience in Europe’s third busiest Fire and Rescue Service station to highlight dangers and reduce the chances of a workplace fire. We show the main causes, the dangers of smoke, how a fire can travel and spread so quickly, and what you can do to prevent it.

After a Manchester Safety Training Fire Warden Training workshop, your staff will understand:

  • the reality and dangers of fire
  • how to undertake a basic risk assessment of a workplace, home or public building
  • how to improve the safety of work colleagues, family and friends
  • the role of smoke and fire alarms
  • what to do in the event of a fire
  • the unpredictable spread of flames and smoke
  • the types of extinguisher available
  • the dangers of firefighting
  • how to escape
  • evacuation procedures and the consequences of not sticking to them.

And all delegates receive course attendance certificates.


To find out more about our Fire Warden Training, all you need to do is call … 0161 217 9639 or 0789 994 7396.