Fire Safety in the Home

Thankfully relatively few people have been involved in a fire, sadly for some, their first introduction to fire is often their last.


Fire Warden Training

Legal Responsibilities, Investigation tecniques, Understand the procedures when evacuating a premise and more.


First Aid Training

The Human Anatomy, the skills to “Triage” a scene, render life saving techniques and promote recovery should all be essential life skills.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, servicing and installation in Greater Manchester.


Bonfire/Firework Safety

A hard hitting presentation in the weeks leading up to any Religious Festivals where Bonfires /Fireworks are to be used.


Fire Risk Assessment

Over 70% of businesses involved in major fires either don't re-open or fail in the first 3 years!



Here are a few kind words that people have said about me. Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments.

All girls learnt many things from this talk. There were lots of positive comments about how clear your presentation was and the fact you could answer all the questions they asked. They liked the fact you used Powerpoint and they thought you spoke very well. Some girls were complementary of the images you showed and the reality it portrayed.
Elizabeth Robinson, Head Yr8, Withington Girls School, Manchester

It definitely did grab my attention, and it will hold my attention for a long time now.
Daniel Swindells

Dear Steve, Please take this letter as authority that I whole heartedly recommend the services of Manchester Safety Training. The presentation is approximately 2 hours long and concentrates on the Road Safety and the consequences of car crime with some shocking results. Steve shows slides from accident scenes in some cases with the victim trapped in the car. The message is clear from Manchester Safety Training, which is DONT DO IT. Stay on the straight and narrow and as a bonus you live longer and happier.
Dave Edmunds - Princes Trust Team Leader

Dear Steve, We have been impressed by the sessions you have delivered regarding Fire Safety and Road Safety over the past eight years, you raised so many important issues. The material was both informative and shocking. I am sure our students will consider their actions based on what they saw during your presentation. We look forward to seeing you again next year.
Mrs Penelope Inglis. Deputy Head of Sixth Form Manchester High School for Girls

Humour, personal stories and experience. The best First Aid training I've done!
Benchhill Sure Start Centre

I feel much more confident now than after previous First Aid courses. Thanks!