Fire Safety in the Home

Thankfully relatively few people have been involved in a fire, sadly for some, their first introduction to fire is often their last.


Fire Warden Training

Legal Responsibilities, Investigation tecniques, Understand the procedures when evacuating a premise and more.


First Aid Training

The Human Anatomy, the skills to “Triage” a scene, render life saving techniques and promote recovery should all be essential life skills.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, servicing and installation in Greater Manchester.


Bonfire/Firework Safety

A hard hitting presentation in the weeks leading up to any Religious Festivals where Bonfires /Fireworks are to be used.


Fire Risk Assessment

Over 70% of businesses involved in major fires either don't re-open or fail in the first 3 years!


Road Safety

‘Manchester Safety Training’ delivers the cold hard facts of Car Crime and Road Safety and the effect and heartache endured by family, friends and the community when involved in death or serious injuries on our roads.

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In 2008, 2,538 people were killed on Britain’s roads; an average of 7 deaths a day.
This means that on 2,538 occasions during 2008 the Police have had to inform a family that there loved one is not coming home!
Manchester Safety Training aims to reduce these figures and the pain and heartache endured, by delivering very positive, hard hitting workshops comprising of two 60 minute sessions.
These workshops use video clips and photographs to highlight the devastation and carnage caused by reckless driving, whether you are a car driver, biker, cyclist, passenger or pedestrian. It shows the injuries caused by speeding, not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone whilst driving, being in charge of a vehicle whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

The workshop also ensures you are aware of the dangers on our roads whilst using other forms of transport, the need to concentrate at all times when on our roads.
We discuss the types of Car Crime and the impact on those affected and the penalties enforced by the authorities.
The aim is to raise awareness of the dangers encountered when involved in crime and disorder, and educate the audience on the full implications of receiving a criminal record, and the devastating effect and cost that may have on their lives and the community they live in, thereby deterring any possible future criminal acts or antisocial behavior.

To turn the audience away from crime through consequential thinking, to explore all options instead of acting on impulse, and to raise awareness of penalties that come with ill advised decisions. They can then enter further education or employment, as opposed to entering prison.

By encouraging people to respect their environment and those living in it, ensures their community becomes a safer place. Which in turn will reduce the vast costs incurred by the Local Governments and Tax payers in our communities, when dealing with crime and disorder.

After attending this workshop you will be one step ahead of the others, more aware of the dangers on our roads and less likely to make ill advised decisions or take risks that may lead to heartache and suffering.

‘Manchester Safety Training’ offers a variety of Road Safety workshops to industry, organizations, community groups, schools and local authorities.

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